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Internships and Post-Graduate Opportunities at PNNL

A paper written by James Stegen, 2011 Pauling Fellow, is currently ranked among the top ten most downloaded articles in the past 30 days from The ISME Journal website. "Stochastic and deterministic assembly processes in subsurface microbial communities" was additionally authored by PNNL's Xueju Lin, Allan E Konopka and James K Fredrickson. Read or download the full article.

Institutional Postdoc Program

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is known for delivering transformational science and technology and accelerating the rate of innovation in energy, environment, and national security.

Postdoctoral research associates play a vital role in completing the ongoing research objectives for projects across the Laboratory. Each of the four research directorates has a sizable postdoctoral researcher contingent collaborating on its projects. All postdoctoral researchers are hired as employees with a competitive salary and benefits, and most positions also have paid relocation.

Postdoctorate Researcher Positions

  • Linus Pauling Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

    The centerpiece of the PNNL institutional postdoctoral program is the Linus Pauling Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. PNNL's Linus Pauling Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship is designed for the next generation of scientists and engineers who will push the boundaries of science to world-recognized discoveries. This program is designed to raise the overall value of a postdoctoral experience at PNNL.

  • NGSI Postdoctoral Fellowship

    The Next Generation has the objective of developing the next generation of technologies, policies, concepts, and experts to address the nuclear safeguards challenges that will faced by the United States and the international community. The Next Generation Safeguards Initiative (NGSI) postdoctoral positions have been established to attract high-caliber researchers to apply their skill set to the multi-disciplinary needs of safeguards and nonproliferation. NGSI post docs will participate in training and experiential activities that provide foundational understanding of safeguards as well as access to a network of safeguards experts. Researchers also have the opportunity to present their work to the NGSI clients at the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), and other opportunities to present their research to the community.
  • William Wiley Postdoctoral Fellowship

    The purpose of the William Wiley Postdoctoral Fellowship is to attract high-performing, newly graduated, junior scientists who have the potential to become scientific staff at EMSL. The fellowship honors the distinguished career of Dr. William Wiley, the former director of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and visionary leader of EMSL. Candidates must display superb ability in scientific research and must show definite promise of becoming outstanding leaders in the research they pursue.

Postdoc Program Expectations

Postdocs should receive appropriate recognition for the contribution they make to the research enterprise. To ensure that postdoctoral appointments are beneficial to all concerned, all parties to the appointments—the postdoc, the adviser, the line manager, and the Laboratory—should have a clear understanding of the nature of the appointment and expectations.

PNNL Postdocs: Members of NPA

Postdocs at the Laboratory have a free membership to the National Postdoc Association. PNNL has a sustaining membership, which allows any postdoc at PNNL to sign up for a free affiliate membership using his or her PNNL email address.

Institutional Postdoc Program

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