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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Post Graduate Virtual Career Fair

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This fall PNNL is hosting its first ever virtual career fair as a way to help jump start the job search process for over 300 post graduate research associates we employ. You may be familiar with the “post doctorate research associate” position found at many national laboratories and universities, but additionally we have post masters and post bachelors employees. They are all limited term employees searching for right place to make an impact in their future careers.

This career fair will help forge strong relationships and build future collaborations between Pacific Northwest National Lab and companies around the country. As we send researchers to you, they can reach back to us to form long-lasting research ties. We will help enable competitive recruitment opportunities for you within our candidate pool of young enthusiastic researchers.

A virtual career fair differs from a traditional career fair in that you don’t have to pay to travel to Richland, WA in order to recruit our bright talent! Instead, companies and post graduates provide research keywords, type of work (e.g., research, law/policy, management track), and type of company (academic, national laboratory, industry) when they sign up. We will do match-making based on these choices and package up relevant resumes and LinkedIn profile pages to send out to the companies.

US Map showing PNNL LTE Retention 28%

Approximately two weeks after resumes have been distributed to companies we will reach out to see if any follow up is requested, we can help facilitate phone calls between candidates and companies by scheduling a time and providing a conference call number. We will also send out surveys to determine how well this event achieved your expectations and succeeded in making connections that may not have been made any other way.

Important Dates

  • Please sign up to participate by  July 7, 2017 (SIGN UP Companies), July 28, 2017 (SIGN UP Post Graduates)
  • Resume distribution will occur  August 3, 2017
  • Follow up and scheduling of conference calls during August 14-31, 2017

Cost: FREE! There is no cost to participate in our inaugural virtual career fair!

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